Want an easy way to earn on your schedule?

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Let LABR find your next paycheck.

*must be 18 years of age to sign up and work with LABR.


  • Build Network: Get exposure to business owners, new colleagues and a variety of industries.

  • Gain Experience: Learn how businesses work, and how your work helps those business operate and grow.

  • Get Paid: Make well above minimum wage to start, and earn more as you build your job experience.

  • Earn whenever you can: Just open the app, see jobs in your area, and click to get going. It’s that easy.

How it Works

Local businesses post easy-to-train jobs. You search, apply, work, and earn.

  • Sign up using our form above.

  • Get approved by our Recruiting Team.

  • Create your LABR profile.

  • Work local jobs on your schedule.

Industries We Serve




Cleaning Services


Construction & Restoration


Event Management


General Office


Home Services


Hospitality & Travel




Logistics, Warehouse & Distribution






Real Estate & Property Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn money?

You earn money through LABR by picking up jobs, shift per shift through our app. After completely your sign-up process, you will be paid through Gig Wage (a peer-to-peer payment system) that will send your payment straight to your bank account.

How long until I get paid?

You are guaranteed to be paid within 72 hours of a job completion.

Do I need any experience or qualifications?

You do not need any experience or qualifications. All the jobs LABR provides are ready to work and we require that an individual be trained in 10 minutes or less on the jobsite. We also background check and work with you personally if any issues may arise.

How many jobs can I work?

The number of jobs you can work are limitless! LABR is built on providing a flexible schedule for all of its helpers, allowing you work however long you want and whenever you want.

What happens if I refer someone to a job?

If you refer someone to a job, we will pay you a $50 bonus after they completion of their first shift.

Are jobs available on weekends?

Weekend jobs are available but not at as high a volume as weekday jobs.

Do I have to be a US citizen?

You do need to be a US citizen to work for LABR. Each employee is contracted as a 1099 meaning that we can only employee people legally authorized to work in the US.

How will I be taxed?

When you work for LABR it is considered a 1099 job for your taxes. This is similar to how Uber, Shipt or DoorDash work. We are categorized within Self-Employment.