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LABR provides workers on your schedule - only use workers when you need them:


  • Create a LABR profile

  • Post your job

  • Qualified worker(s) show up 


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When you need to find workers fast for your business, LABR gives you the ability to simply download an app, create an account, and start posting jobs. It’s labor on demand at your fingertips. Once your job is posted, workers will start accepting the positions, allowing your business to find the labor that you need easily and quickly.

LABR workers aren’t your typical temp laborers. We’ll help you find quality workers who are dependable and come with a positive attitude.

Does your job require five workers? Or 10? LABR gives you the ability to staff to your demand so that you can get the job done. Choose the number of workers that you need, and get the right number of quality workers for the job—it’s that simple.

LABR has a full service team. You’ll have a point of contact who is working with the workers you choose to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our customer service is a step ahead—and there’s no additional fees for this added bonus!

LABR provides general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and occupational accident policies to cover workers on job sites. You can rest easy knowing that you’re covered if an accident happens.

LABR offers fair pricing to businesses as well as fair pay for workers. Businesses are billed weekly, and you have various options to make payments. All workers are paid through the app.

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Hire Workers with LABR


Download the App

Downloading the LABR app is easy! We are dedicated to simplifying the hiring process every step of the way. Download our app to your iOS or Android device with a simple tap—you’re one step closer to finding talented, temporary staff!


Set Up Your Business Profile

Creating a LABR business profile is the next step in connecting with potential temporary workers for your event. First, input the name of your business in addition to any other specific information that will help workers to learn more about your job.


Post Jobs & Get Workers

With your LABR business profile finished, you can quickly and easily post your job openings. LABR workers will view your listing and respond if they are interested and qualified. Then, you can view their profile and skills before selecting the worker you would like to hire for temporary employment.

Ready to Find Workers?

Ready to find the workers that you need for your business? Download the app today and get started!

Find Laborers Near You

LABR has workers throughout the Midwest. We can help you find the workers that you need for your business in places like:


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Frequently Asked Questions

LABR workers offer unskilled labor for your business. They’ll come with a positive attitude and will be dependable and coachable. Show them what they need to do, and LABR workers will take care of the rest. They’ll represent your brand and business with pride!