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Whether you need a team of landscape workers during busy season or just an extra pair of hands for an odd job, LABR has you covered.

  • Entry-level landscaping jobs:

    LABR is the perfect resource to find entry-level workers for simple landscaping jobs. We always say that if you can teach the job in 10 minutes or less, it can be done with LABR.

  • Seasonal landscaping jobs:

    It can be hard to find reliable landscape workers during busy season in the spring. Get the workers you need when business is booming with LABR.

  • Temporary landscaping jobs:

    Have a bigger project than usual that you need more hands for? Still looking at empty positions for a week’s worth of work? Fill your jobs with temporary landscape workers for as long as you need.

  • Short-term landscaping gigs:

    Whether you need a day laborer or someone to work on a weekend project, LABR can connect you with landscape gig workers who can help out in a pinch.

  • Small landscaping jobs:

    Save your seasoned employees for the bigger, more complicated projects, and let LABR’s gig workers take on the small stuff.

  • Off-season work for landscapers:

    Struggling to find landscape contractors for a winter project? LABR lets landscaping businesses scale up to take advantage of big projects even during the off season.

With LABR, you can find the landscaping workers you need to get the job done:
  • Landscape laborer
  • Lawn care employee
  • Material loader/unloader
  • Gardener
  • Onsite helper
  • General laborer
  • Cleaning crew

Find Quality Landscaping Workers Near You

Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with a randomly assigned temp worker who wishes they were sitting at a desk. With LABR, our workers have the freedom to choose their jobs. When a LABR worker shows up for a landscaping job, you know they’re eager to be there and ready to earn their paycheck.

LABR vets our workers for the right attitude and skills to get the job done. We even have representatives on some of the biggest college campuses in the Midwest to connect the next generation of hardworking students to landscaping jobs near them. Find lawn care workers and landscapers in cities near you:

Hire Landscaping Workers in Cities Near You

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Downloading the LABR app is easy! We are dedicated to simplifying the hiring process every step of the way. Download our app to your iOS or Android device with a simple tap—you’re one step closer to finding talented, temporary staff!


Set Up Your Business Profile

Creating a LABR business profile is the next step in connecting with potential temporary workers for your event. First, input the name of your business in addition to any other specific information that will help workers to learn more about your job.


Post Jobs & Get Workers

With your LABR business profile finished, you can quickly and easily post your job openings. LABR workers will view your listing and respond if they are interested and qualified. Then, you can view their profile and skills before selecting the worker you would like to hire for temporary employment.

Why Choose LABR for On-Demand Staffing?

Businesses can download and use the LABR app for free! All you have to do is pay our standard hourly rate for the work completed by LABR workers.
LABR proudly offers all of our workers a fair wage and pays workers within 3 days of their completed jobs. This competitive pay helps us guarantee the high quality of workers we send to businesses. Our standard hourly rate also makes it easier for businesses to keep costs low for the odd jobs they need to be completed. Instead of negotiating a new rate every time you need a helping hand, simplify the hiring process with LABR.

Post as many job openings as you need, when you need them. Workers on LABR can agree to jobs days in advance or as soon as 24 hours before start time.

LABR provides general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and occupational accident policies to cover workers on job sites, protecting both workers and businesses.

Our team at LABR is dedicated to making sure the businesses and workers who use our app have a seamless experience. As a business, you’ll receive a point of contact who will ensure that everything goes smoothly between you and your workers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Temp agencies often send out workers who would prefer full-time work but need short-term or part-time jobs to make ends meet. They may not feel as invested in the work they’re doing since it is not in line with their actual career goals or desires. At LABR, our workers aren’t “settling” for short-term work; they prefer it! Because of this, they bring a positive attitude and a commitment to hard work to every job they take.

Temp agencies also assign workers to jobs that might not work with their schedules, align with their career goals, or simply be close enough to home. LABR allows workers to choose their jobs instead of assigning them, ensuring the best fit for both parties.

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