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A dedicated workforce built for you.

  • Optimize your workforce and output
  • Save cost and create efficiencies
  • Increase profits and capacity
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On-Demand Staffing for your Industry





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In demand meets on-demand

In demand meets on-demand

In demand meets on-demand

In demand meets on-demand

In demand meets on-demand


Step 1 - Download the LABR App

Simply download the app and a member of the LABR team will reach out to answer any questions you might have.

Step 2 - Create your profile

Fill in the information that is unique to your business and then you'll be ready to post your first available jobs.

Step 3 - Post jobs and hire workers

Once your jobs are posted, interested and qualified WORKR's will respond. Match the skills and qualifications you'd like with the WORKR's that have them and they will show up for you on day one.
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The night went well; the WORKRs were great! Everyone showed up on time, worked hard, and were extremely helpful, and overall, this was a great first LABR experience for us.

Jacob ChristineTitle / Company

Our company has worked with the LABR team for several months, both in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. The team is always able to fill our needs in short notice and get the job done. I would highly recommend the LABR team for your staffing needs for any project, big or small.

Brian VellaTitle / Company

LABR has enabled our company to serve more clients and generate more revenue. In the past, we’d have to decline work or ask clients to wait if we were too busy. Now, with LABR, we can ramp up with extra workers quickly whenever we need them and meet the needs of our clients. I highly recommend LABR!

Johnny MielockTitle / Company

What can I expect from a LABR Worker?

Is LABR just another temp agency?

How do I pay?

Are workers insured?

How am I billed?

Can I get the same workers every time?

I'm a worker. How do I get paid?

What types of jobs are available to work?