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Work where you want, when you want.

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How LABR Works

How LABR Works

How LABR Works

How LABR Works

How LABR Works

It's light work.

You get paid quickly.

You'll be taken care of on the job.

Part time work in any Industry





General Office



Event Management

The Labr app has been a super helpful app for me to make money on the side while pursuing my goals in college. I’m able to sign up for a job the night before, work the next day, then get paid within the next few days. The app makes it super simple and the pay is great!

Reed Abbot

The LABR app is super convenient for college students in need of extra cash for daily expenses or weekend budgets. It is definitely convenient to be able to pick a job a day or two before and get paid right after. Highly recommend!

Emily Stockman

My experience working with LABR has been great. I have been able to consistently find work that fits my schedule, whether in Grand Rapids or the east side of Michigan. The LABR team has done a great job of communicating with me when anything comes up regarding job opportunities or issues.

Tariq Reid

Works for You

Works for You

Works for You

Works for You

Works for You

How often can I work?

How do I get paid?

Do I need any equipment or a uniform?

How long until I get paid?

Do I need any experience or qualifications?

How many jobs can I work?

What happens if I refer someone to a job?

Are jobs available on weekends?

Do I have to be a US citizen?

How will I be taxed?

Will the background check LABR requires affect my credit score in any way?