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LABR operates in the gig economy. We connect individuals who are looking for flexible work schedules with employers who are looking for reliable, unskilled labor in a variety of industries.

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The LABR app seamlessly connects supply and demand of unskilled labor

How it Works

LABR clients post jobs that are visible for LABR Workers to sign-up for.


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  • Sign up for a free LABR account

  • Post the job and job details

  • Show the Worker what to do

  • Receive an invoice (we do the rest)


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  • Download the LABR app

  • Pick jobs to fit your schedule

  • Get paid within 72 hours

  • Refer others and earn bonuses


LABR connects you with the work you want! Simply choose the jobs you want, on your schedule, with no commitment.

Getting started with LABR

is as easy as 1, 2, 3...
  1. Download the app
  2. Complete your LABR Worker profile
  3. Work jobs & get paid!

Worker FAQ

What type of work is it?

Our clients are looking for an extra set of hands, most jobs need less than 10 minutes of training to be ready to work! LABR clients work in all kinds of industries including landscaping, construction, restaurants, moving, distribution and more!

How often can I work?

LABR workers set their schedule and elect to work the jobs they choose. There is no minimum hours required. You set your own schedule!

What is the pay?

LABR starts our new Workers at $15/hour, regardless of the job they select!

How do I get paid?

LABR is partnered with Gig Wage, a company that specializes in paying Gig Economy workers! Payment is sent to you within 72 hours and is deposited however you choose in your Gig Wage account.

Do I need any equipment or a uniform?

Most LABR jobs do not require you to bring any tools or supplies with you. Just show up to the job and the employer will provide everything you need! LABR suggests you dress appropriately for the type of work you sign-up for including jeans, closed toe shoes/boots and a long sleeve shirt. Don’t forget your sunscreen and water for outdoor jobs!

What about insurance?

LABR provides workers compensation insurance to cover workers in the event of an accident – LABR has your back!


Get the labor you need, when you need it!

Have big job that needs an extra set of hands?

Need to bridge the gap while you’re hiring new employees? LABR has you covered!
  1. Download the app
  2. Complete your LABR Client profile
  3. Post Jobs and get Workers!

Client FAQ


LABR prides itself on providing high-quality, reliable workers. LABR provides worker’s compensation and general liability, and manages the pay to the Workers

What can I expect from a LABR Worker?

You can expect LABR Workers to come with a positive attitude, be dependable, coachable, and represent your brand with pride! Our Workers can assist in any industry where unskilled labor is needed.

How do I get LABR Workers?

LABR clients can post jobs that they need filled on the mobile app or through our LABR client portal online. Simply enter the job details, how many people you need, when and where and LABR will do the rest.

How do I pay?

After your job is completed, LABR will pay the LABR Workers and send you an invoice. We bill LABR clients weekly and accept ACH, credit card and check.

What types of jobs can LABR workers do?

Anything that can be taught in 10 minutes upon arrival to the jobsite that does not put the worker in a dangerous situation.

Does LABR Provide Insurance?

Yes, we have general liability and workers compensation policies to cover our workers on job sites

One App. Unlimited Work.

LABR Workers and Clients use the same, user-friendly app to post and select jobs – available in Apple app store and Google Play

Image of LABR App loading screen, construction worker

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