Searching for the Best Gig Work App? Try LABR

Get access to the best gig work app on the market with LABR. Download the app today to get started making money or getting work done right with premium workers.

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Searching for the Best Gig Work App? Try LABR

LABR is the future of job searching. We’re proud to be the best on-demand gig work app on the market. There are a lot of options out there for pairing workers with a job, but LABR does it best.

Why LABR Is the Best On-Demand Labor App

Faster On-Demand Staffing for Businesses

Businesses that have tried multiple staffing apps prefer LABR. Our app is faster and better to use than the others. With LABR, you get:

  • Quality workers, fast: LABR’s workers are pre-vetted, dependable, and teachable, making it easy to find the workers you need.
  • Quick staffing: Businesses can request workers through the app quickly and efficiently. Need them even faster? Call LABR and get workers ASAP for your upcoming job or project.
  • Flexible scheduling: With LABR, flexibility is one of the premium benefits we offer. Workers can be selected even the day before the job occurs, giving them the opportunity to find last-minute work and giving businesses the opportunity to quickly fill a position with a quality worker at the last second.
  • No subscription fee: Unlike other on-demand staffing apps, LABR doesn’t have a subscription fee. We’re proud to offer an affordable staffing solution for businesses while still paying competitive wages for workers.
  • Staffing on budget: LABR’s rates for quality workers can’t be beat. If you’re staffing a project on a budget, you’ll find great workers ready to work for the price you’ve set.

Good-Paying Gig Jobs for Workers

There are many gig work apps on the market, but workers get the best offers through LABR. Our workers know that the jobs we post pay well and pay fast. There are many reasons our app is the best choice for workers:

  • Good, fast pay: No matter what job you take with LABR, you will be paid a minimum $15/hr and receive payment within 72 hours after completing a job. This means no more waiting around wondering when you’ll receive the pay you earned, or finally getting your paycheck only to be underwhelmed by the amount. With LABR, pay is fast, competitive, and dependable.
  • Power of choice: LABR allows workers to choose their jobs instead of assigning them out. This gives you the freedom to find jobs that sound interesting while still aligning your unique skills, desires, and schedule.
  • Easy communication: With LABR, it’s easy for workers and employers to connect. Our app and website make communicating simple and fast.
  • Variety of work: There is truly a gig for everyone on LABR. Get your hands dirty with landscaping. Meet new people by taking on customer service jobs at retail shops. Enjoy the methodical pace of warehouse work. Whatever your desires, LABR can connect you to short-term gigs near you.
  • Free signup: There are no strings attached when it comes to signing up for free with LABR. We just want to connect great companies with great workers.

New Job Opportunities for Students

Trying to balance work and school? LABR makes it easy to earn some extra cash between classes. Students choose LABR over other gig work apps because it offers:

  • Quick pay: There’s no doubt that most college kids need a fast, dependable influx of cash for school, bills, and other expenses. LABR has a fast payment turnaround, so if you notice your wallet feels a bit thin, you can simply complete a job with LABR and get paid before your bills are due.
  • Jobs near campus: LABR is connected to businesses all over. No matter your unique skills, finding jobs near your college campus has never been easier.
  • Summer jobs for college students: Gig work is a fantastic way to save money over the summer. Plus, you’ll head into the new year with more experience and growth in your skills.
  • New experiences: LABR allows you to get work experience in new industries. You might discover a passion you never knew you had, or simply find new skills to add to your growing resume.
  • On-campus support: LABR has a presence on a variety of college campuses throughout the Midwest. Whether you’re looking for jobs near U of M, IUPUI, or OSU, our on-campus support can help connect you to nearby gigs.

The Best Gig Work App on the Market

Perfect for All Skill Levels

LABR is perfect for those looking for more flexibility and variety in their employment. Many types of workers and employers can benefit from LABR, including:

  • College students seeking flexible jobs: We’ve partnered up with many colleges and universities throughout the Midwest to provide college students ample opportunity to find great work that pays well. Whether you want a side gig during the school year or some work during the summer, LABR can help.
  • Part-time workers: Interested in the flexibility that part-time work offers? LABR gives you complete control of your schedule. Take on as many jobs as you want each week.
  • Workers seeking side jobs: Need some extra cash here and there? LABR is a fantastic side hustle for workers of all skill levels. Supplement your day job with simple gigs through LABR.
  • Seasonal employers: Around the holiday season and back-to-school time, many companies look to increase the number of hands on deck. Find seasonal work with LABR.
  • Growing businesses: If your small business can’t yet support an entire team of full-time employees, the LABR app allows you to find workers as needed to complete specific projects and tasks.
  • Large & small companies: From the biggest companies to the smallest, every business can benefit from access to quality workers on a whim.

Ideal for Many Industries

Workers can be available at any time for any project. From a one-day assist to a two-week project to seasonal jobs, there are dozens of industries looking to fill positions. You’ll discover all kinds of jobs on LABR, including:

  • Construction: The construction industry is a major player in our platform. From a one-time project to regular work, there’s endless opportunity.
  • Restoration: From painting to powerwashing, LABR workers can help restore buildings to their former glory.
  • Landscaping: Looking for extra landscapers to complete a big mulching project? Searching for a quick mowing job to make some extra money? LABR has plenty of landscaping companies and landscapers on the app.
  • Warehousing: Staff your warehouse with all levels of skill utilizing determined workers from LABR. From distribution centers to manufacturing warehouses, LABR can help.
  • Event management: Help with setup and teardown for event spaces, or assist with catering and cleanup.

Streamline Your Staffing with LABR

With a quick download of the LABR app, you can streamline your staffing process and keep your focus on other responsibilities. Download today and see for yourself why LABR is the best on-demand gig work app on the market.

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