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The LABR app is the best solution for those in every industry seeking temporary jobs. Once you’re on the app, you’ll be connected with businesses seeking reliable workers just like you. Customize your search to meet your desired requirements and find the perfect gig.

What Is Gig Work?

Gig work is a popular way of navigating employment. Gigs (jobs) can be short-term, seasonal, or temporary positions. Your length of service is up to you—accept the jobs that fit your schedule!

Benefits of Temp Work

Gig work offers some of the best jobs for college students. This is because it’s extremely flexible and you can often choose your schedule. Flexibility is vital for college students and others with always-changing schedules and no consistent availability. Set your own schedule and work as many hours as you want.

LABR works with a large range of clients in many industries. From construction and landscaping to movers and events, there’s something for everyone. You can be as picky as you’d like and choose jobs that most interest you and value your skills. Available jobs are always changing, so branch out and gain a new experience while learning about a new industry.


Learn new skills and meet people in every area of your job interests. Working for a variety of businesses means you’re constantly making new connections while meeting professionals in every field. This allows you to expand your knowledge while building friendships and partnerships.

Stop waiting around for weeks to get your paycheck. With LABR, you’ll be paid a MINIMUM of $15/hr, and you’ll always receive payment within 72 hours of completing a job. Get access to the money you’ve earned faster than ever.

How to Make Extra Money with LABR

Finding jobs to make money through gig work is made simple with the help of LABR. As a worker, you can get the finances you need to pay off an extra bill this month or to save up for your next big purchase. As a business, you can find the additional staff you need to get caught up. It all starts with a quick download.


Download the App

Downloading the LABR app is easy! We are dedicated to simplifying the hiring process every step of the way. Download our app to your iOS or Android device with a simple tap—you’re one step closer to finding talented, temporary staff!


Set Up Your Business Profile

Creating a LABR business profile is the next step in connecting with potential temporary workers for your event. First, input the name of your business in addition to any other specific information that will help workers to learn more about your job.


Post Jobs & Get Workers

With your LABR business profile finished, you can quickly and easily post your job openings. LABR workers will view your listing and respond if they are interested and qualified. Then, you can view their profile and skills before selecting the worker you would like to hire for temporary employment.

Types of Jobs on LABR

Jobs in a variety of industries can be found on LABR, including:

  • Landscaping: Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, you can find great jobs in the landscaping industry on LABR. Beautify your community by creating gorgeous lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces.
  • Construction: Gain experience in the construction industry with gig jobs through LABR. There are construction companies nearby looking for skilled workers just like you.
  • Manufacturing: If you enjoy manufacturing and factory work, you can find jobs near you on the LABR app. Get started today!
  • Moving: Whatever your schedule, moving companies are always looking for an extra pair of hands. Pick up a few moving gigs and make some extra money this month.
  • Distribution: Try distribution center work for the first time or continue growing your skillset with LABR. The work day will fly by while you pack, load, and ship products for a wide range of businesses.
  • Hospitality: If you enjoy meeting new people every day, a job in hospitality might be your perfect fit. LABR offers hospitality jobs on a gig basis.
  • Restaurants: The benefits of gig work are endless. Get experience working in a restaurant setting without the commitment of a permanent position. LABR can help.
  • Grocery: Grocery stores are always in search of temporary staff. Try a seasonal job to stock up for the holiday season and find out if the grocery setting is right for you.
  • Warehouses: The warehouse industry is always changing and expanding. Try your hand at warehouse work with a temporary job through the LABR app.

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