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Your dream job is waiting for you in Grand Rapids. Find it today with LABR. With a quickly growing supply of jobs available in every field, LABR is your source for gig work. From jobs for college students and unskilled laborers to temporary jobs for experienced workers, we work with companies and laborers all over the Grand Rapids region.

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As of January 2022, the minimum wage of Michigan is $9.87. Paired with the cost of living for a single adult estimated at $16.50, many are turning to the gig economy to fill in the gaps. 

LABR’s pay structure offers payments of up to $20 an hour with funds arriving within 72 hours. This provides more people the ability to live and work in Grand Rapids, boosting the local economy.

The largest industries in Grand Rapids are food service, medical, distribution, and construction. LABR offers placements into all these industries and more. Whether you’re looking to try something new or want some extra gigs on the side in the industry you love, local companies are looking for reliable workers just like you.

LABR makes flexibility simple by allowing you to select jobs on your schedule with no minimum hour requirements. If you currently have extra time on your hands and want to make extra money with it, there are plenty of Grand Rapids jobs on LABR that will allow you to work on your time. Hop on the app any time and find jobs as soon as the very next day.

Workers that are able to build their gig schedule around their other responsibilities will face reduced workplace stress. This includes college students working around their course schedule, as well as others fitting gigs in between family, careers, and hobbies.

Love LABR? Tell your friends! Right now, we’re offering a paid bonus for each friend you refer to the app once they complete their first job. Keep finding jobs you love and help your friends do the same. It’s a win for everyone!

Jobs for Grand Rapids College Students

Grand Rapids is rich with college students in every step of their journey. One thing every college student is searching for is extra money. LABR allows you to find a gig one night, work the job the next, and get paid within three days! This level of flexibility ensures you can fit gig work in between classes, homework, and internships. Plus, the quick pay means you have access to your funds faster than ever.

LABR has gig jobs listed near all the local college campuses. We currently have students finding gig work while attending the following Grand Rapids colleges:

  • Grand Valley State University
  • Davenport Universtiy
  • Grand Rapids Community College

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Find great workers in Grand Rapids today with LABR. Post the jobs you need filled on our mobile app or our online portal. Enter the job details, the number of workers you need, when and where the gig is located, and LABR will do the rest.

Stay Protected

LABR knows, understands, and abides by local and state laws in Michigan regarding liability insurance, staffing, and hiring. For the protection of both clients and gig workers, we offer insurance including general liability and workers’ compensation policies to cover our workers on job sites. In the event of an accident, we have everyone covered.

Get Local Staffing for Your Industry

Find landscapers and construction workers ready to work right now. LABR has a large pool of workers in the area’s leading industries. From restaurant staff to movers, we list the top workers in the region looking for the specific type of work you offer. If you’re looking for someone with experience in distribution, manufacturing, or some other niche industry, LABR has them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A gig worker is someone who either decides against the typical 9–5 structure and works gigs only, or someone who works their day job with supplemental income from gigs. Gig work is typically short-term, and workers tend to be hired as independent contractors. Gig workers find gigs on a temporary basis through resources like the LABR app.