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Want to find gig work in Detroit that’s fast, reliable, and pays well? Look no further than LABR. Our app makes it easy to find job postings in your area, choose which ones you’re interested in, and start making money in no time.

In many places like Detroit, minimum wage is not nearly enough to live on. The current minimum wage in Michigan is $9.87 per hour, while the estimated living wage in the Detroit metro area is $16.20

With LABR, you can take your first job with a starting wage of $15/hour. Our pay structure makes it easy to earn extra cash for referrals and increase your wage potential to $20/hour. We’re proud to offer a sustainable living wage that ensures our LABR workers can not only work in Detroit, but also live in the city and take advantage of all that it has to offer. We also guarantee payment within 72 hours of work, preventing long wait times for the pay that’s rightfully yours

LABR workers can choose from a wide range of jobs. Virtually any job that can be taught within ten minutes can be done by a LABR worker. 

With LABR, you can get your foot in the door in a variety of high-profile Detroit industries. Take a manufacturing gig to start a career that makes up nearly a fifth of the Detroit economy, or simply hop around from industry to industry, collecting experiences that’ll make you a valuable employee no matter what your long-term career goals are. With LABR, you’re guaranteed the freedom to choose which jobs you want to take and when instead of being assigned jobs that don’t align with your goals or schedule.

Not everyone can or wants to work a traditional 9–5. LABR offers flexible scheduling where you choose when and for how long you can work. Whether you prefer to work mornings, afternoons, nights, or weekends, there are Detroit gigs available for you right now. You don’t even have to lock yourself in to a preferred work schedule; simply take a look at what jobs are available near you on the LABR app and sign up for the ones you like on any given day. LABR is so flexible that you can even sign up for a job just 24 hours in advance.

You can earn extra money through LABR with our referral program. Simply refer a friend to the LABR app for gig work, and you’ll be rewarded with a sweet bonus!

Jobs for Detroit College Students

Need to make some extra cash while getting your degree? LABR offers jobs for college students in Detroit that are safe, simple, and close to campus. Find our LABR representatives on your campus to learn more about how to find gig work near you in and around the Detroit metro area:

  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Macomb Community College
  • Oakland University
  • Wayne State University

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Finding a job doesn’t have to be a lengthy, stressful process. If you’re ready to get to work in Detroit, download the LABR app today for iOS or Android. Simply browse Detroit job postings near you and enjoy the freedom to choose the jobs that interest you.

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Are you ready to start hiring eager, trustworthy workers in Detroit? Find workers near you today with LABR. Simply download the app, create your client profile, and begin posting jobs to be filled.

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LABR knows, understands, and abides by local or state laws regarding liability insurance, staffing, and hiring. We have general liability and workers compensation policies to cover our workers on job sites.

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LABR can help you find workers for several different industries in Detroit, including landscaping, construction, restaurants, moving, distribution, and manufacturing.


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LABR pays workers directly within three days of the job. This eliminates having to wait a week or more to receive a paycheck. When you want to work a job that pays fast, LABR is the best option.