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Currently, around 36% of the US workforce is a part of the gig economy. In a study that found 85% of respondents planning to increase the amount of gig work they take on, factors like inflation and advantages like higher pay, faster access to funds, and flexibility of scheduling were cited as the main reasons. 58% of those respondents listed inflation as their main reason for either leaving their full-time job for gig work or supplementing their income with gigs. 

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From 2017 to 2021, there was an increase of 11 million independent workers in the nation. LABR is the solution for companies searching for reliable workers and independent workers looking for flexible jobs.

LABR is a gig work app focusing on on-demand staffing and temporary jobs across a wide array of industries. We’re dedicated to creating connections between employers and gig workers in the general labor market. Try something new or find a quick job in an industry you love. Search LABR for temporary jobs near you. Find the workers you need to get the job done right with LABR.


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Is LABR Right for You?

LABR is ideal for those looking for more flexibility and variety in their work. Workers and employers across many industries can benefit from LABR, including:

The schedule of a college student is always changing and usually pretty packed solid. Holding a typical 9–5 job just isn’t a feasible employment option for most college students. LABR offers gig jobs that provide students the flexibility they need to get to class on time while still making enough money to get by.

For those looking for a job that won’t take up too much precious time, a part-time job is a great solution. LABR can help workers find a gig that allows them to spend more time with their family, enjoy hobbies, and focus on other priorities.

Sometimes one job just isn’t enough. In today’s economy, one-third of Americans are working a side hustle. This allows extra money for paying off bills, getting out of debt, and saving up for larger purchases. Turn to LABR for weekly work or occasional side jobs.

The holiday season brings hustle and bustle to most industries. Most companies hire seasonal workers to tackle larger workloads and stay ahead. Find seasonal work on LABR.

Many startup companies are searching for temporary workers to help get things moving and growing. Sometimes this even leads to permanent positions. Get your foot in the door and make new connections on LABR.

Small businesses and large corporations alike can benefit from LABR’s access to temporary workers and gigs. Download the app today to learn more.

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Industries You’ll Find on LABR

A wide range of jobs in all industries can be found on LABR, including:

  • Landscaping: Both new and experienced landscapers can find great jobs in the landscaping industry on LABR. Take pride in the beautification of your community by creating gorgeous lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces in local neighborhoods.
  • Construction: Get more experience in the construction industry with gig jobs through LABR. Construction companies near you are looking for skilled workers to take on jobs big and small.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing and factory work jobs are available on the LABR app. Get started today and discover a new passion while making extra cash!
  • Moving: Moving companies are always looking for an extra pair of hands on a flexible schedule. Make some extra money this month and try out the moving industry to see if it’s something you’re passionate about.
  • Distribution: Distribution centers are looking for new and experienced workers who can pack, load, and ship products for a wide range of businesses. Try your hand today.
  • Hospitality: Meet new people daily with a job in hospitality. LABR offers hospitality jobs on a gig basis so you can try it out flexibly before moving toward a permanent position.
  • Restaurants: Get experience working in a restaurant setting without the commitment of a permanent position. LABR can help you find flexible gig work near you.
  • Grocery: Grocery stores are a common place for temporary staff looking for seasonal jobs to help stock up for the holiday season. Find out if the grocery setting is right for you with a temporary gig in your area.
  • Warehouses: Try your hand at warehouse work with a temporary warehouse job on the LABR app. There are companies near you looking to hire warehouse workers now.

On-Demand Staffing Made Simple with LABR

LABR is a gig work app fostering connections between gig workers and companies searching for on-demand staffing. Find a new temporary job or the workers you need to get a project done right. Download LABR today on iOS or Google Play.