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Looking for temp jobs in Tulsa? LABR makes it easy to find good-paying gigs near you. Whether you want flexibility with your schedule, a great hourly wage you can count on, or the opportunity to work in a variety of growing industries, LABR can connect you to side jobs and short-term gigs in Tulsa.

Researchers estimate that you need to make at least $15.26 an hour to live and work comfortably as a single adult in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, the minimum wage in Oklahoma is just $7.25 an hour—not even half of what you need just to make ends meet.

With LABR, $15 an hour is your floor, not your ceiling. From the minute you sign up with LABR, you’ll make at least $15/hour for any and every gig job you work. Get paid within 72 hours of finishing your job, guaranteed. Our workers can make up to $20 an hour as they work more jobs and gain more experience. LABR makes it easy to not just work in Tulsa, but to actually live and thrive in the city.

Manufacturing is one of the top three most common industries in Tulsa. LABR can help you gain experience in a mainstay of the Tulsa economy. Try your hand at a distribution center near the bustling Tulsa International Airport, or sign up for a job at a local warehouse. 

LABR connects workers to jobs in Tulsa in a variety of industries, from construction to landscaping to retail to hospitality. No matter what kind of work you’re interested in, you can find your next Tulsa side job on LABR.

Interested in weekend jobs in Tulsa? Want to find part-time work that fits your schedule? LABR makes it simple to select the jobs that work best for you. There are no minimum hour requirements on our gig work app, making it easy to pick up jobs only when you want them.

With LABR, you can pick up a gig on one free weekend and enjoy time with friends the next.  You’re not locked into any specific days or times. In fact, you can sign up for jobs as little as 24 hours in advance of the start time.

Love finding quick ways to make money in Tulsa? Tell your friends! LABR offers you a bonus for every friend you refer who completes their first job with LABR. Help your friends make extra cash, or even work alongside your pals at gig jobs you both side up for.

Jobs for Tulsa College Students

It’s practically part of the college experience these days for students to be strapped for cash. LABR helps Tulsa students overcome the odds by connecting them to side jobs that fit their unique schedules. 

Fill those extra hours between classes for your fall semester with an odd job near campus without limiting your class options for the spring. Say yes to one weekend job in Tulsa without missing out on football games, parties, and road trips for the rest of the year. Put in some refreshingly physical work at a day labor job in Tulsa when you’ve spent too much time with your nose in a book.

Whatever you’re looking for, LABR can help you find side jobs in Tulsa that work with your schedule, pay well, and align with your career goals. Our gig work app has open listings for temp jobs in Tulsa near all of the local college campuses. Find part-time jobs perfect for Tulsa college students near:

  • Tulsa Community College
  • University of Tulsa
  • Tulsa Technology Center

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Gig work is the new frontier of the twenty-first century economy. With gig work, you can take side jobs that fit your schedule instead of scheduling your life around your job. Businesses can hire temporary workers they need when they need them without dealing with the headache of putting them on the permanent payroll.