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Depending on your needs and the length of the project, you can find workers to suit your requirements on LABR, including:

  • Entry-level warehouse jobs:

    Entry-level employment can have high turnover, and it can be much less time-consuming and better for your bottom line to utilize a contracted gig worker who would learn the same skills as an entry-level employee without having to invest in hiring someone full-time.

  • Seasonal warehouse work:

    Finding seasonal workers through LABR ensures that you spend your busiest seasons focusing on what matters, not on hiring. We make finding labor quick and easy, so you can keep everything running smoothly.

  • Temp warehouse jobs:

    Instead of using a temp agency that will produce unreliable and unvetted workers, LABR ensures you receive high-quality labor for whatever temp work you may have.

  • Short-term warehouse gigs:

    Do you have an upcoming project that requires additional labor? With LABR, you can hire short-term warehouse workers to assist you during those times without having to onboard a new employee.

  • Part-time warehouse jobs:

    If you have enough work that you need a part-time employee, but you aren’t yet ready to commit to hiring someone to join your team, LABR can help. Using our app, you can get part-time gig workers while you hold off on hiring a full-time employee.

There are several different jobs that LABR can fill for any warehouse:
  • Sorter
  • Inventory specialist
  • Sanitation worker
  • Loader/unloader
  • Cafeteria worker

Find Quality Warehouse Workers Near You

LABR’s vetting system ensures you get high-quality workers to take care of your jobs. We also have a network of college students that makes it easy to find quality workers near you. Current cities that we service include:

Hire Warehouse Workers in Cities Near You

Hire Warehouse Workers with LABR


Download the App

Downloading the LABR app is easy! We are dedicated to simplifying the hiring process every step of the way. Download our app to your iOS or Android device with a simple tap—you’re one step closer to finding talented, temporary staff!


Set Up Your Business Profile

Creating a LABR business profile is the next step in connecting with potential temporary workers for your event. First, input the name of your business in addition to any other specific information that will help workers to learn more about your job.


Post Jobs & Get Workers

With your LABR business profile finished, you can quickly and easily post your job openings. LABR workers will view your listing and respond if they are interested and qualified. Then, you can view their profile and skills before selecting the worker you would like to hire for temporary employment.

Why Choose LABR for On-Demand Staffing?

LABR’s cost system allows businesses not to have to pay payroll taxes or recruiting costs. All that you have to worry about is a single hourly rate to be paid when the job is done. LABR then takes care of paying the workers conveniently through the app. It’s important to remember that LABR pays workers fairly, which ensures that you get high-quality work.

LABR ensures that you will find someone for your job posting within 48 hours for your jobs. If you need multiple workers for multiple jobs, you are more than welcome to list them all. There is no limit to the number of openings that you can post, so you can be certain to address every job that needs doing.

LABR provides general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and occupational accident policies to cover workers on job sites. This protects both workers and businesses who use LABR.

LABR doesn’t charge additional fees for quality customer service. We know that you deserve assistance without unnecessary upgrades or add-ons. That’s why our customer service is free and ready for you whenever you may need it.

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Finding the right workers to take care of your jobs doesn’t have to be stressful and time-consuming. With the help of LABR, you can get the help you need fast. Contact us and get your warehouse staffing needs taken care of today.

Frequently Asked Questions

At LABR, our clients are billed biweekly. Additionally, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. That means that we don’t have any hidden fees or added costs—all you have to pay is the hourly rate.

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