Finding OKC Labor Gigs with LABR

How to Find Day Labor in OKC

If you’re looking for a way to find well-paying jobs in Oklahoma City (OKC) that can fit your schedule and put money in your pocket fast, then LABR is the app for you. When you download the LABR app, you’ll have access to a great selection of local gigs—each of which can be learned in 10 minutes or less. It only takes a few minutes to download the app, get set up, and start finding work.

What OKC Labor Gigs Have to Offer

The minimum wage in OKC is just $7.25 an hour, and it hasn’t moved since 2009. Meanwhile, the rate of inflation is nearly 7%, and the estimated living wage for a single adult in OKC is $15.93.

At LABR, we believe in paying workers a wage that will truly benefit them and will allow them to live and work in the city that they love. We only work with companies that pay a minimum of $15 an hour for their temporary jobs. Many of them pay up to $20 an hour. And with LABR, you’ll always be paid within 48 hours of working your shift.

It’s easy to find great jobs available in OKC with LABR. Our app is designed to allow users to easily scroll through the list of available jobs and times and find one that will fit with their schedule and interests. Every job on LABR can be taught within 10 minutes or less, so you don’t need any previous experience, education, or training.

OKC is a vibrant industry town, especially in the areas of healthcare, retail, hospitality, food services, agriculture, and forestry. Some of the most common job areas include food preparation, construction, moving, distribution, and landscaping.

One of the best parts of finding OKC gigs with LABR is the ability to find jobs that will fit your schedule. Our platform is popular with students looking for part-time jobs, parents looking for flexible hours, or even those with regular jobs looking to pick up some extra cash on the weekends. 

LABR has no minimum hour requirements, so you can pick up shifts when it works best for you, and go about your other activities when it doesn’t.

Do you have some friends who are looking to pick up some extra work? If so, let them know about LABR. With our refer and reward program, you’ll receive a cash bonus for every friend you refer to the app after they complete their first job. That way, everyone gets paid!

Jobs for Oklahoma City College Students

LABR is particularly popular with college students looking to pick up a few shifts between classes, homework, and extracurricular activities. We know students can be busy—that’s why LABR jobs are the perfect choice for flexible schedules.

We have gigs available within driving distance of the local college campuses. LABR has proven especially popular with the students of Metro Technology Centers and Heavy Equipment Training Institute.

  • The University of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Oklahoma City University
  • Mid-America Christian University
  • Oklahoma City Community College

Start Working in OKC Today

Ready to get to work? Download the LABR app to get started. You’ll quickly get connected with some great local gigs.

Staff Your Team with LABR

Find Workers Fast for Your Oklahoma City Business

OKC area businesses are still struggling to find enough staff to fill their open positions, and experts say it is likely going to get worse. One of the best ways to find workers is to give them more options and offer more flexibility. Many workers on LABR have looked into regular full-time or part-time jobs but just haven’t been able to make it fit in with their schedule. By posting jobs on LABR, you can reach a whole new segment of the workforce who are looking for work but just haven’t been able to make the timing work.

Stay Protected

You can depend on LABR to always be up to speed and in compliance with the latest regulations. LABR knows, understands, and abides by local and state laws in Oklahoma regarding liability, insurance, staffing, and hiring. We provide insurance, including general liability and workers’ compensation policies, to cover our workers on job sites—for the protection of both clients and gig workers. In the event of an accident, LABR makes sure everyone is covered.

Get Local Staffing for Your Industry

While LABR caters to a wide variety of industries, some of our most popular fields include construction, food service, manufacturing, landscaping, distribution, and moving. If you have a small job that will just take a few hours to take care of, you don’t have to pull valuable time away from your regular employees. You can find a trustworthy worker on LABR.


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We’ve worked to make posting jobs on LABR simple and easy for our clients. Simply download the app or visit our website, and you can start working with our service team to post your first job.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of OKC jobs available on LABR is constantly changing, as our clients post new gigs and remove those that have been completed. Some positions may be seasonal, such as landscaping jobs in the summer, retail gigs during the holidays, and snow removal roles in the winter. The temporary nature of LABR’s jobs means there is always something new, so make sure to check back often!