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If you’re looking to find workers to quickly fill temporary gigs and odd jobs for your cannabis business, then LABR offers a great solution. Simply download the app and work with our experienced service team to start posting jobs and get connected with high-quality workers.

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Workers on LABR can fill a wide variety of potential cannabis cultivation jobs, including:

  • Entry-level cannabis jobs:

    Since the cannabis industry is so new, there aren’t a whole lot of people who can present a resume with extensive professional experience growing marijuana. Hiring workers on LABR can help you connect with people who may be considering entering the cannabis industry, but aren’t sure if it’s right for them. Once they get started, they can start growing their skills and even progress to fill a more advanced position at your company over time.

  • Part-time jobs in cannabis:

    The field of cannabis cultivation is seeing a lot of growth and change. In the next few years, many companies will change their business models or close their doors as regulation, investment, and competition change the market. The people who work at those companies may be looking at their options to see what job opportunities might be available. By posting your cannabis job on LABR, you can attract talent that may be looking for a change of pace or a role with more flexibility.

  • Seasonal cannabis cultivation jobs:

    We know cannabis cultivation can go through seasonal shifts just like every other industry. While 4/20 might be the biggest single sales day, late summer and the holiday season are the busiest times of the year. LABR is a great way to hire temporary workers to help prepare your inventory for the busy season.

With LABR, you’ll have the flexibility to post the jobs you need to be filled as they come up. If your gig can be performed with 10 minutes of training or less, then you can find someone on LABR to fill it. Some examples jobs we can fulfill include:
  • Cannabis growing
  • Sorting and packaging
  • Trimming
  • Delivery driving

Find Quality Cannabis Growing Workers Near You

LABR’s network of Helpers, including college students looking for part-time work, makes it easy to find quality workers in your area. Plus, LABR performs a background check on all workers, including ID verification, so you can be confident in who you hire. 

We are currently active in:

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Hire Cannabis Growing Workers with LABR


Download the App

Downloading the LABR app is easy! We are dedicated to simplifying the hiring process every step of the way. Download our app to your iOS or Android device with a simple tap—you’re one step closer to finding talented, temporary staff!


Set Up Your Business Profile

Creating a LABR business profile is the next step in connecting with potential temporary workers for your event. First, input the name of your business in addition to any other specific information that will help workers to learn more about your job.


Post Jobs & Get Workers

With your LABR business profile finished, you can quickly and easily post your job openings. LABR workers will view your listing and respond if they are interested and qualified. Then, you can view their profile and skills before selecting the worker you would like to hire for temporary employment.

Why Choose LABR for On-Demand Staffing?

At LABR, we believe great employees should be paid fairly, and that offering competitive wages is the most effective way to fill vacant roles. We also believe in transparency for both our clients and our helpers. There are no hidden fees, payroll taxes, employee burdens, or recruiting costs—just a flat hourly rate.

Once your first job is posted, it's possible to have a worker on the job in as little as 24 hours. We're here to help you find helpers quickly, and our clients can post as many openings as they need.

LABR always stays up to date and informed with the latest in state and municipal laws and regulations to make sure everyone is in compliance. We also provide general liability insurance, workers' compensation, and occupational accident policies to make sure everyone is covered and protected in the case of an accident.

LABR’s service team is always ready to answer your questions and help you post jobs and find great workers.

See Why Cannabis Growing Companies Love LABR

Hire Cannabis Cultivation Gig Workers Today

In today’s job market, companies need all the help they can get to find the right staff for the job. By downloading the LABR app, you’ll have another way to reach a segment of the workforce that’s exclusively looking for temp jobs and may not be on other job posting sites. Simply download the app to get your jobs posted today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in a simple payment system. Once LABR has provided temporary workers for your gig, you will receive an invoice with a flat hourly rate for services rendered. No hidden fees, taxes, or recruiting costs.

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